Blue Box Van
Announced: 2015
Released: 2015
Product Number: 77202
Availability: Available

The Blue Box Van is a van used on The Skarloey Railway for carrying goods that need to be protected from the weather.


  • HO scale model that runs on N Scale track. Bachmann sells this under HOn30 Scale.


  • This wagon, along with the Red Box Van shares it's design with the Old Fish Van's basis, but in the proper scale. Unlike the Old Fish Vans in the TV Series.
  • The Red Box Van, along with the rest of the Narrow Gauge rolling stock, is a shared tooling from Peco.
  • In the lower right hand corner, this Van has the letters "SR". It is unknown if this is based on the initials for the Skarloey Railway, or if it's influence from Peco, as their rolling stock comes in either Lynton and Barnstaple (L&BR) livery, or Southern Railway (SR) livery.