HO Scale Released: 2002
G Scale Released: 2009
Availability: Available

Percy is a green saddle tank engine who pulls the Mail Train. He is also one of the main engines that pulls the Milk Train.


Percy is the No. 6 small green engine and is Thomas's best friend. He came to Sodor to work during Gordon, Henry and James's strike. He is the youngest of the Steam Team and can cause accidents.


  • HO Scale
  • G/Large Scale
  • N Scale (Coming soon)


  • Percy, James and Thomas' HO Scale models' faces are based off those seen in Promotional Art instead of the TV Series.
  • Percy's HO Scale model has no rear dummy coupling hook.
  • Percy's HO Scale model's coal bunker is oversized and is painted grey, not black.
  • Percy's cab steps are moulded onto his running board instead of under his cab. However, his prototype HO Scale model has the cab steps in their correct position.
    • This was later fixed on his G Scale model.
  • HO Scale Percy, Thomas and James are the only engines produced by Bachmann that lack front coupling hooks.
  • Percy's prototype G Scale model's coal bunker is painted green, not black.